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The Infinity Angel drawn on the beach in Ogunquit, Maine.The Infinity Angel was created one morning on Ogunquit Beach in Southern Maine more than a decade ago and it's hard to believe we've already had more than 10 years of developing products with her image. She now has a new online home and her message will now be delivered to an even wider audience. We love hearing the stories of where she is and how she has inspired and comforted people. She has opened doors for me and allowed me to meet lovely brides-to-be, new moms, fundraising professionals, teachers, writers and many more wonderful people I never would have known otherwise.

These lovely Infinity Angel fans are in all corners of the US, as well as Canada, Ireland, Bulgaria and beyond. It's truly magical to me when my invitation to draw her on any beach around the world (like I did that morning a decade ago in Ogunquit, Maine) garners photos sent to our Facebook page from China and Thailand, Mexico and the Caribbean. The stories about people who carry our TouchStones or walk beaches holding our Wellness Beads fill my heart.

When I hear that a dying woman in Ireland asked her sister to read her The Infinity Angel Meditation before she passed away, or when a bride writes to me to say she wants all of her wedding guests to get an Infinity Angel Touchstone as a wedding favor or when I see a new baby in one of our Baby Onesies with that adorable word "Cherub" on his or her back, I feel like we're doing something really meaningful here and it feeds my soul.

I want to thank my husband for his love and creativity in bringing this website to life. We hope you will enjoy our products and use them to inspire yourself or loved ones, celebrate a special occasion, offer comfort to a friend who is facing challenges or communicate a heartfelt message.

We design all of The Infinity Angel products here in Maine, but we have very talented artisans who help craft them in various areas of the United States. We thank them for helping to bring The Infinity Angel's simple, yet profound, message to life.

We welcome your feedback on what new items you would find interesting and helpful in your quest to lead a meaningful life. Thank you for visiting our new website and we hope you enjoy sharing our Infinity Angel with others as much as we do.

Have a wonderful day,

Kelly McCoy
Creator of The Infinity Angel


Kelly McCoy
Kelly McCoy


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