Infinite Thoughts

A Gossamer Day

I woke up this morning thinking about a window display I saw a few years ago when I was in Paris with my family. It captivated me with toddler-size tulle skirts - tutus - floating in the window surrounded by baubles and ribbons. Clearly the enchantment I felt then stayed with me, as I was inspired to find the photo I quickly snapped that day.

It set me thinking about one of my favorite words: gossamer. I think of gossamer as a whisp of gauzey fabric, the feeling of a feather touching my cheek, a soft drape of netting that inspires a lightness of being. You can see through gossamer, yet it filters light in a magical way.

I squinted in this morning's light, also trying to recall a sculpture I saw at the Louvre on that same family trip. I remembered how it had captivated me with its marble delicacy. I had stood mesmerized by the statue, wondering how the sculptor could create such softness with cold stone?

I found myself wishing I could try on this dress, with its feminine drape and memorable style. While I certainly couldn't see through this fabric, nor could I even imagine - no matter how delicate it seemed to my eyes - ever lifting the weight of this piece of marble. Still it reminded me of gossamer...once again, inspiring a lightness in me...a state of being that makes me feel free and happy. Like a lovely breeze lifting me up in the air, a gossamer feeling is one of my favorite things.

Often the word gossamer is associated with angels. Perhaps because it is reminiscent of a delicate, ephemeral energy sweeping in just when you need a reason to believe in something. Have you ever had a little "aha" of synchronicity that makes you feel lighter, as if the universe has just given you a gift of recognition or support?

It's been far more than a decade since I sat on Ogunquit Beach at six in the morning and found The Infinity Angel at the tip of my finger as I traced in the sand. I've so enjoyed having her as a companion and sharing her with the many people who have embraced the gossamer energy she represents.

As I walked the Marginal Way this morning on a 55-degree sunny day (a miracle in itself in the middle of March in Maine), I was inspired to descend the stairs to Little Beach and draw The Infinity Angel in the sand, a much larger representation than the original.

 As I smiled and walked toward the water, I saw an ever-so-delicate feathery pattern that had been traced in the sand by water trickling down toward the ocean from the hill above.

The gossamer energy of nature's doodling took me back to my waking thoughts and brought a feeling of happiness and lightness to me, like those baby ballerina skirts in did Paris that morning. Although I've always cherished The Infinity Angel for her extraordinary simplicity, perhaps, I thought, I need to embrace her gossamer energy. I picked up a driftwood stick and began to draw. I think she was very happy to play on the beach...

Perhaps her gossamer persona will inspire new designs and, if so, I'll know the thoughts of sparkling gauze and floating feathers that woke me this morning came from somewhere enchanted. I hope I am able to visit there often and float on the inspiration.