The Story

A little more than a decade ago, this really happened to me. I have been thrilled
to learn how this story and the growing collection of products inspired by
The Infinity Angel have touched the lives of people worldwide...


One Summer morning, I headed over the little wooden footbridge to my favorite beach on the southern coast of Maine. I sat on the empty stretch of sand and started doodling. As I felt the warm grains of sand give way, I watched as two loops appeared. It was the symbol for infinity...I really didn’t know why I would draw this or why I would notice its symbolism so distinctly. Without thinking, I continued tracing in the sand and saw the outline of an angel’s flowing robe come to be. Infinity had become her wings. With a smile and a scoop of sand, a circle formed above her wings as her figure took complete shape and soon her head was topped with a halo. It was as if I had nothing to do with this beautiful little being... she seemed to manifest in the sand to show me the power of letting the universe come through me... focus, believe, and then let go. Don’t try so hard. Everything you need is already here.

The Infinity Angel has come to you, like she did to me that morning... suddenly, unexpectedly, to bring you boundless inspiration. You have infinite power. There will never be another person quite like you.

                                                                                          Manifest your lessons well.


Since The Infinity Angel came into my life, my family has moved to the little seaside town where she was first drawn in the sand...a dream come true. We always love to hear stories about where The Infinity Angel travels and the people she inspires. It is our honor to bring her to you and those you care about. We encourage you to draw her on the beach you love and send us a photo via our Facebook page for everyone to enjoy.

Be Well,
Kelly McCoy