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A bereavement present inspired by The Infinity Angel can be the perfect source of comfort for a friend or family member who has experienced a difficult loss of a loved one.

bereavement presents touchstoneBereavement Presents from The Infinity Angel

When a friend has experienced a difficult loss, it's often hard to find the right words. It's at these times that The Infinity Angel is a perfect bereavement present, providing a unique source of comfort. Select from a beautiful, delicate etched glass TouchStone, inspiring Wellness Beads with their special meditation or delightful Angel Nuggets that can add a smile to the face of someone you care about deeply. The Infinity Angel's message of inspiration helps you express thoughts of comfort or sympathy and act as a constant reminder that you care.

Here are some notes we've received from those who have given The Infinity Angel to comfort a friend…
"My friend is going through some hard times and I couldn't think of a more perfect gift!"
"With our Infinity Angel TouchStones, we have a reminder that our Guardian Angels are always present and ready to help us get through the rough patches."
"Thank you for the amazing, heartfelt tranquility trinkets! From the Infinity Angel Meditation Beads to the TouchStones; your positive thinking, tranquility and spirituality is beyond illuminating. Thank you, thank you!"

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