Come experience sharing and laughter with a wonderful group of women at monthly Circles and annual Women's Weekends in Ogunquit, Maine.

Visit this delightful shop along Shore Road in Ogunquit...the only place you'll find The Infinity Angel for sale other than this website.


Ogunquit is a Native American word that translates to "Beautiful Place by the Sea." Nothing could be more true. Take a cyber-getaway to the town where the Infinity Angel first came to be on the beach.


Institute of Noetic Sciences Link
"Perhaps the only limits to the human mind are those we believe in," said Willis Harmon, past president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell founded this organization to explore the far reaches of human potential. Very interesting stuff.

Laurel is a long-time friend who was one of the founders (with Kathleen Usher and Jane Titus) of Women's Center for Wellness in 1998 in Massachusetts. She left the organization to move to Virginia, where she has continued her work in helping women realize their personal goals. She offers many words of wisdom and I'm pleased to have reconnected with her after years of transition for both of us.

This very readable publication is the one magazine I read cover-to-cover when it arrives in my mailbox every other month. Crisp writing, inspiring thoughts, practical suggestions. I've used the subject matter as the basis for several women's groups and retreats.

This extremely robust site was started by a friend and has grown (with its Facebook page) to have thousands of followers in short period of time, proving that humans really are looking for something greater than themselves. Be prepared to spend an afternoon here much information, so many links of interest!