Meditation Beads

It's a simple fact: those who meditate help their minds and bodies maintain wellness. Our Meditation Beads Collection is designed to help you breathe and release energy as you move up the chakra system in gentle meditation.

meditation beads chakraMeditation Beads from The Infinity Angel

The Infinity Angel Meditation Beads are born of a tradition that dates back to 3200 B.C. in ancient Egypt, where beads were called "sha sha," meaning "luck" and given to family and friends as gifts. Spiritual people have used beads in conjunction with prayers, mantras and affirmations for centuries.

We've heard wonderful stories from people who find The Infinity Angel and her message to be a source of comfort and inspiration when looking for ways to meditate and escape stress.

For many, The Infinity Angel Wellness Beads, with their suggested gentle meditation, can be just the thing to inspire or maintain a meditation practice. For those focused on yoga and chakras, The Infinity Angel Chakra Beads hold more meaning. We invite you to join those who love inspiration and meditation by purchasing a gift for yourself (you know you deserve it) or sharing one of these items with a friend who could use a little way to promote wellness. 

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Meditation Beads

The Infinity Angel Wellness Beads
Meditation Beads