Naming Ceremony Gifts

naming ceremony gift
A naming ceremony gift inspired by The Infinity Angel is the perfect gift for the next naming ceremony in your family and is a memorable way to mark this very special event.

Naming Ceremony Gifts from The Infinity Angel
naming ceremony gifts

There's nothing more wonderful than celebrating the birth and naming ceremony of a new baby. The simple visage and inspiring story of The Infinity Angel offer a tender communication for any baptism, christening or naming ceremonies. You may select the signature Infinity Angel TouchStone with its story scroll or a gossamer bag of Infinity Angel Heavenly Nuggets as a meaningful keepsake of the day. An Infinity Angel Baby Onesie, with the word "Cherub" playfully displayed on the back, also makes a wonderful gift for the naming ceremony day. These small, meaningful naming ceremony gifts are perfect when you want to communicate feelings that go beyond words. When a card is not quite enough and you'd like to add some special to accompany a cash gift or savings bond, The Infinity Angel naming ceremony gifts may be just the thing you need to share your joy.

Featured Naming Ceremony Gifts

The Infinity Angel Baby Onesie Naming Ceremony Gifts

The Infinity Angel TouchStone Naming Ceremony Gifts

Heavenly Nuggets Naming Ceremony Gifts